AGENDA  -  2018

We continue with the Era of Disruption series at Amsterdam Global Forum with a new debate on November 21st at 7pm.

“Disruption Era & Sustainable Transition”

Fast advanced new technologies and innovation are redistributing wealth, resources and power around the world, disrupting and changing the way we live, consume, communicate, relate and work.

The data driven digital economy is only one dimension of this so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, engineering, design, production, finance, etc, all industries are being transformed. Sectors will radically change and disappear, power and decision-making will be differently distributed. Organizations will run into existential questions. Uncertainty, conflict and resistance of dominant players will grow.

We are also witnessing the impact, societal transformation and the inadequacy of current unsustainable socio-economic system within a political framework unable to address all challenges.

How to mitigate risks, conflicts and social fracture? How to avoid new disrupting concentrations of power and increasing inequality? Will sustainable social innovation democratize our economy?

Those and other questions will be discussed at debate followed by drinks.

Tickets and registration by email to
Participant Entrance €6
Places are limited.
Location in Amsterdam will be confirmed to registered participants by email invitation.